“Simplicity is usually profound and delightful. Not all children’s books are delightful, but all delightful books are for children of all ages. If it’s not a delightful book, I didn’t create it. Reading to very young children is a significant and dynamic experience. It’s a way to be close to them, relax with them, nurture them and contribute to their overall learning and development. It also provides perhaps the best early childhood experience to help them grow to love reading for themselves as well as to others.” – J.D. Sperry

A Little Christmas Tree Learns to Accept Himself in This Sweet Holiday Read

By BookTrib | October 20th, 2022 | www.Booktrib.com

Reminiscent of A Charlie Brown Christmas, J.D. Sperry’s The Last Christmas Tree (Read to Me Books LLC) tells the heartwarming story of a little tree who just wants to make a family happy in the holiday season. With tender narration and a satisfying resolution, this book is perfect bedtime story for the upcoming Christmas season.


“Ever since he was a little tree, Tommy, the Christmas tree, dreamed of the day when he would be old enough to be brought down from the mountain and be chosen by a family to go home with them for Christmas. He imagined himself fully decorated from head to toe with bright lights, pretty ornaments, garland and a bright star on top.”

It’s the dream of every Christmas tree that’s been placed in the middle of town, ready to be sold to the local families. Tommy can barely contain his excitement as he’s brought down to the snowy lot, and he eagerly awaits his dream family.

As the season lengthens, however, Tommy watches more and more of the surrounding trees be carted away, and he begins to have his doubts. After all, he’s only half the size of the other trees around him, and “he didn’t have any full green branches on his backside because he grew up right in front of a huge boulder on the mountain.” Could it be that there’s no family out there for him?

On Christmas Eve, as Tommy becomes the only tree still left in the lot, it seems that all hope is lost. But just in the nick of time, someone swoops down from the sky and puts Tommy in his sleigh! It turns out that with his diminished height and flat back, Tommy is just the perfect size to fit in Santa’s cozy cottage.


Whether you’re a lonesome Christmas tree or a child looking for validation, the lesson in The Last Christmas Tree rings loud and clear — you should never feel the need to change your appearance for anyone, or doubt your self-worth. It’s a lesson that young readers can learn right alongside Tommy the tree as they join him on his journey from the lonely town lot to the warm, loving environment of Santa’s house.

Despite being a stationary tree, Tommy has a strong presence throughout the story and is able to evoke emotions from the reader, thanks to Sperry’s skillful narration. We feel Tommy’s emotions as if they are our very own, from his eager anticipation to his disappointment and hopelessness. It’s what makes the story’s resolution all the sweeter, and helps kids see how even when they at first feel discouraged, those negative feelings dissipate with time. Young readers can also discover through Tommy’s journey that there can be better outcomes than even their big hearts were dreaming of.

If you’re looking for a gift for your kids to stick under the Christmas tree this year, look no further than this book. The Last Christmas Tree is a warm tale full of heart that will help children see their own value in who they are. So settle in by the fire, grab some hot cocoa and join Tommy on his journey to self-acceptance and joy.

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